Monday, 2 June 2008

Stepped Down from My Dynasty

I can't believe myself.

I could just take a pistol and aim at my head.

Why?! Why?! Why?!!!!! I could save it! But I didn't.


Owh... the agony~

I can't believe I did it! Why didn't I say I didn't want sports instead? Perhaps I might even afford to throw cartoons away too.

I was this close *shows lil space in between thumb and first finger* to mentioning something else.

I hate news.

Of all things...

Of all things...

Of ALL things... I was forced to unsubscribe my Wah Lai Toi, channel 331.


Nobody watches the news. The sports channel is on during the EPL season, after that nobody touches ESPN, or Star Sports.

Nobody watches the news, only when disaster strikes. And only dad watches it during that time. The percentage of him being at home when disaster strikes is close to zilch %.

They took my Dynasty from me.




I guess I'll go watch the last of what I've got now... =(