Wednesday, 23 July 2008


My kitten is so frisky!

Jump Jump Jump all over the place. Every little thing fascinates her.

Throw the little Spring a ball of scrunched tissue and she'll entertain herself for hours. No kidding!!!

See la she, wanna jump on my laptop. Geramifying!

The other day, she saw her tail move a little which made her so excited and immediately pounded and bit it. Gawsh, u should have seen her jump. Silly kitten.

Yes people, I have a kitten. Real one lah. Everyone, meet Dizzie...

Hot dog cat

Had trouble naming her. We had a list of names on the 1st day I brought her home and they're mostly Thai names because I picked her up from a Thai Fair in Puchong.


Puat Hua=Headache

When Hua=Dizzy.

So I thought Dizzy sounded cute plus that's what she makes everyone go. So yes, people, feel free to drop by and give Dizzie lots of hugs and kisses =)

Sorry for the very very long/late update. been pretty busy with Dizzie.