Friday, 12 September 2008

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Now PUSH!!!

Drank coffee, can't sleep.

I should be studying.
Lala~ Cliche, cliche I know. Watado, there are many people like me on the face of the earth.
I don't mean procrastinators.
I meant people who can't think of better words like...

"I'm a lazy bum who loves to feel stumped while sitting at the desk in an exam hall with the questions staring back at me as if I've got two heads but in actual fact I don't have two heads because two heads means double the brains but in actual fact I've got none therefore I shall just write my name in front of the exam paper and place my brainless head on the table and rot and vegetate till the two hours is up then I'll leave the hall wondering what the hell are my friends talking about then to find out that they were discussing about how freaking easy the questions were because the answers were ALL in the notes which I never knew existed." replace the cliche.

I shall go study now and stop making long long sentences without any commas or fullstops but it is fun because it gives the impression of me feeling so 'kan cheong' which is partly true because I have touched and studied not and M'sian Studies finals is on Saturday and I've got a hellotta chapters to cover.