Wednesday, 17 September 2008

ISA- In School Again

Rules, rules, rules...Back to school:

Words on the guy: i) wear t-shirt/shirt with sleeves ii) covered shoes
Words on the girl: i) student id card must be worn ii) wear long pants/skirts
LOL, wtf, guys, sorry no more skin to stare anymore XD
Girls, don't worry, there's biceps and triceps galore at the gym.
It says: no shorts, no slippers, no short skirts, must wear student id, no sleveless clothes.

So much for freedom of expression.

I'm not affected as much because
1) I don't wear skirts
2) I don't wear sleeveless bajus.

1)I must remember to wear the student id around my neck, and NOT keep it in my purse.
2) I must remember to stop wearing 'house clothes' to college.

Pictures curtesy Jion's hp. Tankiu =)