Thursday, 23 October 2008

Here is a Very Good Example... make sure you never enter a shop without
knowing how much you have in your wallet/purse.

Went to SS2.

Masuked a TVB shop.

Saw a series I wanted to buy for a long time.

Demanded asked politely for it.

RM20 for the 20 episodes. Damn cheap. Summit RM7 for 5 episodes.
(P/s: it's original. I don't buy cetak rompak, kay?)
Scared polis catch =/

Bukak wallet.

I counted my cold hard stack of cash.

RM10, + RM 1, RM2, RM3, RM4, RM5, RM6, RM7, RM8, RM9

I counted again:
one, two, three, Four, Five, Six, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE...

my stack of RM1 notes stretched to only RM9.

Short of ONE RINGGIT!!!

I looked at the lady.

I looked at my stack of RM1 notes.
I looked at the lady again.
I looked at WeiVern.
Migosh, thank goodness the temaned me to the shop.
Actually her main reason was to make sure I don't get kidnapped. Bwahahaaaa!!! Ice's idea.

So anyway, thanks to her RM1, I managed to buy my...

Catch Me Now!!! =)
No Lam Fung, nevermind. Storyline nice can aredi.
Not the latest series, but I'll still watch it anyway. Migosh, imagine, I would be watching 19 episodes without knowing the ending! *gasp*
So the moral of the story is to know how much you have in your wallet. If you don't, borrow one buck from WVern =P