Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Sometimes the people around you can influence you to not be yourself.

I’ve realized that I haven’t been myself until recently. Now it feels like a bondage between me and I-Think-I’m-Me has been broken and I don’t think I know who I am now.

Am I the me whom I think I am?
Or am I the me I thought I thought I was?
Or am I the me I think I thought I was
Or am I the me I thought I think I am?

I think I thought too much of thinking in my thinking thoughtful thoughts.

But I wanna know who I am. Do I actually like what I like? Or do I like what I actually don't like but I'm liking it just to be liked?


I need to find myself.

Can anyone look for me?


Anonymous said...

you are so confusing " me " and pls don't ever confuse yourself like that. Its bad for health k, wake up with the morning and just be u, dont think are u being u, u is u , u are u, and u will always be u, no matter how u change, its still u, the one and only chloe. HAHA!

chLoe said...


thanks a bunch
i shall be me then =)