Friday, 3 October 2008

Wind, Wave and a Whole Lot More

I love cozy dim lights, yet I love lots and lots of pretty bright lights.
I love being alone all to myself, yet I love crowded places.
I love white, yet I love black.
I love staying at home, yet I love to go out.
I love dressing up, yet I love simple tees and jeans.

I love the wind, yet I think I love the wave.

Being a young green shoot,
strong wind sweeps the roots out,
blows it into the air,
leaving it high and dry,
wondering where to go,
should it follow where the winds blow,
or should it run to the sea and be caught by the waves?

Emo, confusions and question marks aside,
Pam, now I understand how you all felt when you were counting down.
Gahhhh~ That's the end of this week~
Friday, then Saturday, then SWEEPING Sunday... -.-
Then Monday...
Hey, Wvern/Ice, really hor, class starts on the 13th?
Then results bila? 18th? Or 8th? Ice gave me crap info that I gave him.
Come to think of it, I don't have to worry. When they don't see me in college, they'll know how to call me wan la =)
Happened so many times, appreciate it though. =D