Saturday, 22 November 2008

I Log on to Friendster Once in a While...

...more like once in a blue moon.

...and when I get freakin bored, I start doing bored stuff bored people do-
Read Bulletins.

and everytime I open up a damn bulletin, it's either
my wishes won't come true,
a ghost will visit me,
I'll die,
my friend will die,
my mum will die in 4 hours,
something bad will happen to me
something else as bad as that will happen to me.

The only bad thing that happened to me is that I get bored and
tend to open those that say

"sorry! I had to freakin do this freakin tag because I'm freakin paranoid and I freakin believe every freakin thing the freakin tag/chain letter says because I don't freakin want my mum to freakin die but yours will freakin can because you do not freakin repost freakin bulletins"

If you're freakin apologetic, you wouldn't repost it and "murder other people"
you can 'repost' it (if you're freakin paranoid) but remove the dumb tag lah.

Ahh~ Feelin good now.
*Owh hot daymn
This is my jaymn
Keep me partyin' till the a.aymn
Yall don't understaynd
Make me throw my hands

In the ayer , ay , ayer , ayer , ay , ayer

*song stuck in head. Hoping to let it out here.
Lyrics curtesy IcePod/Iceypedia/Nicktionary =) *