Sunday, 16 November 2008

It's that time of the month again...

Yeah, and I meant Period.

The pain, the agony, the cries. Poor, poor Dizzie.
Dizzie got period. It's her second time. She's been lying around and rolling all over the floor crying. I feel for her. I also go through it every month kay?

1) the tummy aches till u feel like shitting but you can't
2) the bladder feels like it's been wringed like a piece of cloth
3) the legs become numb
4) the legs become weak
5) the body will become damn lethargic
6) eyes will shut and sleep of for a very long time
7) and finally, the mood swing*

Anymore? Am I missing out on any points?

For those out there who doesn't feel for us, it's about time you should.

*Doesn't apply to many people, ahem, me =)