Saturday, 27 December 2008

On Christmas Day, I...

...decided to go for the xmas party after being in a dilemma. I really feel much better if I don't play any of the games

Grace, Aaron and I. HuaiYee hiding. She super shy. I'm still camera shy, kay? But it's Christmas, I mean it was Christmas, so this is my prezzie to you. My sakai-ness in black and white(and CYMK too XD)

Ahaaa..Huai Yee!!! She didn't know I took this picture

Grace obviously doesnt know how to use the camera -.-

And moi and cuzzie=)

OK, OK, I know, I know... Enough of me...

...the end. lazy to upload more.
Jin, I duno if i'll be free on New Year's Eve =/


ONION said...

didnt noe she was there too!

ONION said...

how many ppl ur brought la...!

chloe said...