Sunday, 1 March 2009

Contradicting Oxymoron

I H.A.T.E. this woman


I L.O.V.E. her bags

Especially the designs.

Doubt she designed them, though. If not it will be published EVERYWHERE, since she is the oh-so-famous heiress


-Littlenicky- said...

yalah! i saw one white bulu bulu bag. damn nice. limited edition.. but quite cheap 300+ only.. sigh!

saw in penang.. now no more liao. should grab lah tht time! =(

chLoe said...

lol! her bags arent as loud as guess but it's like damn nice, subtlely loud?

ONION said...

who is she ar ?

chLoe said...

i guess u answered ur own question in the cbox =D