Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Post-Birthday Post

Who said guys aren't perverted shits?-Jin

I spent my last hour of my birthday sleeping. Yes, I was THAT tired because I was THAT excited.

As you can see my previous posts, they're pretty emo. And prior to the 23rd of March, my blog wasn't updated.

Reason: I thought it's a pre-birthday syndrom. I somwhow had this fear that no one remembers it =/

Fact: I pms. wtf.

*I don't like my font colour. it's orange. it makes me thirsty.
Kaythanksbye goina drink water now.


ONION said...

i want to leave a mark ere...

A late thank you from Onion ( spring onion today )

"Thank you Clo for belanjaing me, and me for the koren bbq it was real fun, eventhough i am half way done in almost everything , and pls thanks you one and only "HRH" "

the end,

i watch sunway switch of their lights while ppl ON their lights brigther, since u noe la.. when one place is extra dark, it seems brighter surrounding it.