Saturday, 7 March 2009

This Is Me, Blogging Before Shutting Down.

Jin is watching Survivor's Law II. Apparently the culprit went to court and confessed everything willingly.

-=chloe=- says:
*there must be a logical explanation.
* according to the law of physics and psychology and human communication,
*no human would bergerak secara idk wtf momentum wtf that allows the brain to walk themselves to the courtroum to communicate and willingly turn themselves in wtf

Jin says:
*well, according to the laws of fiction, anything is possible

Congratulations, Sucram* on representing SEGi college to play Dota at idk where next week for idk what tournament at idk what college in Nilai. Heh.
*'Sucram' terbalikkan the letters or read it backwards is his name.
I hate Times New Roman font lah. So cheapo. So common. So difficult to read. But why am I typing in TNR if I hate it so much? Lalalalalalala I don't care. I don't read my own posts also. Might regret it later, a few years down the road. Lalalalala~ I don't care~
*** Haha~