Wednesday, 1 April 2009


As you are reading this, is actually in the midst of sending a deadly virus to your computer right now. This instant. It's so deadly until it can infect homosapiens who touches the keyboard of the virus-laden computer and cause them to sing like a frog uncontrollably and sneeze a million times.

April Fools'!!!

Fooled? *hopeful eyes*


I knew I shouldn't have typed 'sneeze a million times' you would have bought my story if I typed 'sneeze until you ter-blow your nose away'. It would have been more believable. Hor? =/

...some of my mischievious 11 year old kids brought fake lizards and cockroaches to play a prank on me on this fateful day -.-

...I didn't enter the level 5 class today.

...I scream my signature high pitched scream whenever I see something gross ie: cockroaches and other pets pests that visit me and find pleasure at me being disgusted at them. (Yes, I screamed in one of the secondary classes last year when a HUGE COCKROACH THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD landed on my arm).

World Taekwondo Federation lah. I damn bengang. Zippers unzipped, got bee in class, your face got something, spider on the floor, are damn lame lo.

...apart from the fact that Jin's
'my gay friend's gay friend said that he liked me'
and Sucram's
'I'm downstairs already'
when I just woke up when he called me
really got me fooled. For a while *triumphant smile*

Still kena fooled, but it's only for a while.
Actually it was until they told me.
Which was a short while after I was fooled.
So I got fooled for a while. =P


ONION said...

the virus thing -
its real

chLoe said...

it is?!!
or u're asking me if it is real?
coz i made it up lo >.<