Thursday, 30 April 2009

By The Way,

don't be surprised if I am suddenly inactive online* or onlinely inactive.

I've ended my 6 year relationship with the internet. Life goes on, but I musn't concentrate so much on it anymore. I need to move on. So does it.

*Definition of inactive online/onlinely inactive:
-not active on Facebook(Pet Society, Restaurant City, Friends for Sale sorry Brian, will try to log on as much as possible. btw, thanks a bunch to you and Jason for making me 'not so cheap' lol , etc)

-not active on Friendster(not that I am EVER active, sorry idk-who-u-r person who just added me a few days ago. I'll accept your friend request when I feel like signing in to FS. heh.)

-not active on MSN Messenger (I won't be changing my p.m. as often as I did every few hours sorry people if I may have sounded cold when you I.M.-ed me the past few days/weeks)

Don't worry, atashichloe will still be updated frequently =)
As for you fellow bloggers, I'll visit your blogs soon =)

I don't know if I PMS*, DMS* or AMS* now. heh.

*Chloe's definition of PMS,DMS & AMS.
PMS-Pre-Menstrual Syndrome;
DMS- During Menstrual Syndrome;
AMS- After Menstrual Syndrome.


ONION said...

LOL!the kid must me smart! and LOL! for ur defination of Ms'ses!
No, i didn't click on the wrong comment box, it is becox pppl read from up to down, not down to up...

chLoe said...

yeah, and
owh... lol=P