Friday, 10 April 2009

Dear Teachers,

I may not be the best student you have ever had...

I may be noisy in class,
I may have talked alot,
I may have pontenged school 3 or 4 days a week,
I may have arrived school at 9.30am,
I may have been the pengawas who arrives late and gets punished by standing in front of the whole tapak perhimpunan along with those late comers.
I may have entered class 17 minutes and 48 seconds after the rehat bell,
I may not have had an addmaths book,
and a moral book,
I may have brought a bag with only a pen to school

I may have given you a hard time >.<

but Dear Teachers,

I answer all your questions although it may not be the answer you're looking for,

I copied my friend's book just to hand it in for you,

I still remember so clearly what you taught me in addmaths:
"12323434xyz x 98ab x xyzabc x 893473/287=87824abcdefg"

I still remember what I learnt in Bio:
"the period cycle of an isotonik tree repeats itself every 77 days"

I still remember what I leant in Fizik:
"the car crashes another car and numbers and calculations fly out in the air, and it looked like fun, so we experimented it on miniature wooden cars"

I still remember what I learnt in Chemistry:
"Blue liquid in a tube being poured into a tube of red liquid makes purple liquid."

I still remember what I leant in sejarah:
"Zaman tamadun Mekkah visited the Sultan of Rennaisonce and barter traded the ship to go to SHIT(Syarikat Hindia Inggeris Timur). Thus we celebrate Merdeka every year.

Dear Teachers,
I think I understand your frustration.
I may not be a teacher 24/7
but I know how you feel even just for that 2 hours, 3 times a week, putting myself in your shoes.

I just want to say that those years were the best years of my entire life. Just by making you pissed at me =)

And I don't blame my students for doing the same. Except. I'm diffrent from you. =P

p/s: I'm very thankful to you for being my teacher. You made the me in school, Me. =)


Anonymous said...

the study life that time is the best.
miss it so much. do u miss it oso?

-karen- said...

haha this post is hilarious. :D

chLoe said...

haha thanks!!