Saturday, 18 April 2009

I Guess...

He was in Sunway Pyramid today.
So damn bloody near my house.
Take paper plane and throw also can reach.
But I couldn't go.
1st I had to help my cuzzie do her PMR Sejarah folio.
2nd It was IMPOSSIBLE to let myself loose from my parents. Not on a Saturday when both are not working.
No fate lah. No fate. No need excuses. No fate =(
I guess I'll just see watch him on Youtube or Astro-WHICH my mum conveniently removed WLT. AOD isn't really showing his shows either.
the agony i'm going through ='(


Tipsy Darlene said...

....He looks better in this picture! Focus on the word THIS! =p and...he was in Pyramid? oooo!! no fate fate! =p

chLoe said...

HAHAHA!!! my friend said that this pic looks gay =/
and yeah, he was n pyramid.
and i give u face, i shall focus on the word THIS.

see lah, when i'm free i might just say
'grace thinks he looks good' coz better is the comparative adjective for good =D'