Friday, 22 May 2009

I Just Don't Get it

You're my aunt. How come you rather trust your colleague 100% than even taking to me and asking me for an explanation?

It's unbelievable how your own family member can betray you.
First things first. If I never ever talk to you, please know that I will still talk to your children aka my cuzzies because this has absolutely nothng to do with them.
 If you somehow realized that you don't want them to talk to me, go ahead. But just so you know, I treat all my cuzzies the same and I do sayang them as much as.
Sod it, Clo. Leave it.
wtv lah. I won't say a word no more. accuse me all you want  for all i care. your colleague can complain, i won't give a shit. 
Biar. she will know. Don't get all defensive, but one thing for sure, you must clear your name.


Christina said...

what happened what happened? accused you for what?!?

chLoe said...

the parents complained about me to my aunt, but there is more to it. lotsa backstabbing. imagine. politics in a small tuition centre.
but everything's alomst settled aredi.

thanx a bunch =)

ONION said...

that's human la ( the evil men, no fear for the truth will stand, at least u get to know how true ppl are, esp those around us )...

Gambatte Clo!