Friday, 8 May 2009

I Need a Break

...and the real work hasn't even started yet. 

I wanna travel. To Thailand. Or maybe Hong Kong. Singapore also cukupped la.

Saw this advert on in The Star today. Singapore is offering 50% off practically everything for us Malaysians. And we can even use our Ringgit there. I think. Cool eh?  =)

I need to travel lahhh...
I need a time out from all the hoo-ha
From college, now that an extra burden is placed on my shoulders,
From work, actually work helps me destress.
From gym, gym helps me destress too.

Heh. Basically I need to travel lah. I don't mind even if it's a two night's stay.

If so, I better prepare a list. JUST IN CASE I suddenly pack my bags and run away. Travelling, that is. You should take a look at it. It might help you, someday. =)

1) A sling bag
2) A back pack
3) A handbag
4) A bag for special occasions.
(4 choices of bags, just in case you can't decide on which bag to carry that day)

5) Clothes, duh...
6) But if you go to Thailand, only bring a spare set of clothes in you bag. You'll end up buying new ones for a whole week or two.
7) A pair of slippers. 
8) Hp
9) Hp charger
10) Lappy
11) Super chunted green laser to play at night =P
12) Cash. Duh.

13) Hand cream. Unless if you want to snap your fingers for some reason, then hand cream is not neccessary. 
Btw, NEVER open a tube of hand cream when you are thousands of feet above sea level. I learnt it the hard way because I pandai. I never pay attention in biology physics class.

14) Your own shampoo. Keep it in the check-in luggage. 
I bought a bottle of blueberry bath gel from Thailand and didn't keep it in checked-in luggage. Reason: Last minute shopping. 
At the x-ray thing thing, they made me throw away the whole bottle *bawls*
and I NEVER forgave that Thai immigration guy. I would remember his face and hunt him down, but I don't have pictorial memory. But now I blame the 911 terrorists. The cause of my loss of the bath gel.

15) A novel. To make you look intellectual on the plane/journey. But please, don't go for topics like 'The Day My Butt Ran Away'.
16) Camera. Reason: The obvious stated.

17) My list goes on and on, and I haven't even gotten to the essentials like toothbrush, mouthwash, instant noodles, oreos double stuff, scrabble travel, dan lain lain.

When you've finished packing, please please remember to make sure your squirrel/hamsters/sugar glider/cat/dog/goat/bull/pony are BESIDE YOU. Or somewhere in sight. You might not want to get a surprise teman when you reach your destination. 

Have fun, and happy holidays do remember to return to earth especially if you're leading a team of 10 to come out with a PR campaign out of nothing in a few weeks =)


Christina said...

chlo, i need to go somewhere too!! i wanna go singapore too!!! arrrgghhhh!!

chLoe said...

hahaha!!! i knowwww~!!!
u too are stressed, eh?

Christina said...

yes!! let's go singapore together! wheee!!

Christina said...

yes!! let's go singapore together! wheee!!

chLoe said...