Monday, 18 May 2009

THE Journalism Lecturer

asked us to bring a novel that we have already read, then exchange it with our classmates, read it during the 2 week semester break (which was last week and this week) and pass up today. So in actual fact, we've only got 1 week to read a WHOLE novel. 

Luckily I got WVern's thin Mills & Boon punyer Dark Angel written by Elizabeth Ashton. Apparently it belonged to one of her grandparent. Anyway, I thought of cheating my way by looking for the synopsis on the internet...

Guess what...
 I DID say that the book belonged to one of her grandparent. 
And Google existed not so long ago. 
And the book was published in 1974. 
And no old timer who read this would bother putting up the synopsis online for me to bluff my way through book reviewing assignment. 

I've got many things up my sleeve. 
So being a genius smart ass as I already am, the one and only thing my monkey brains can think of is to read 1 page every 9 pages skippedread the whole book.

2.34am. I reeeeealy didn't know I had to hantar it today. Page ONE, chapter ONE says:
THREE figures were climbing up a rough path between the gnarled   What's gnarled? Doggie gnarl?   trunks of an olive grove, two girls and a donkey.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I thought it would be "2 girls and a man or a boy". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I was so damn caught by surprise!!! Can you feel my laughter through this post?HAHAHAHAAHA!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAH

I fill myself with joy and laughter over little things.
Or maybe I would do anything to avoid reading. Not that I dislike reading. I havent been in the mood lately. Or more like the past few years. 

I still find it hilarious!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Maybe I should try to continue reading it to crack myself up a little from all the campaign tension.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the owner of the book will read your review and your marks are at his/her mercy? Yup. The MISSY's awesome plan.