Wednesday, 27 May 2009

KIT KATS are known to be drugs

that chloe sniffs upon eats everytime she is stressed out or when her blood sugar is low

The Malaysian drug you can find at any local pharmacies,
and local stores. 

The drug from the United States given by mum's friend just now.

The KITKAT drug from the United Kingdom, given by Angela on her first trip to UK. It's my bookmark =P

YUP!! only 107 calories

And all my KITKATS that are posing together:

Makes one big happy family =)

(psst...judging by the sizes, the KitKat from the UK which is 107 calories seems to be the least fattening, eh?)


Andrew.C said...

Brits eat kit kat like nobody's business wei...

Some still like kit kat but opt for lesser calories.

Ya know.. just like diet coke in US. XD

chLoe said...

how'd u know? O.O

JELA said...

they emphasize on the less calories bcoz a lot of people with weight problem there i suppose