Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sleep Lah, Chloe


Discovered a few nice Thai songs. 
Damn, I'm into Thai songs again.

I shouldn't be eating doughnuts at 4am. Especially after recovering from a bad headache&tummyache&fainting spell.

I'll just have one teeeeeeny bite of a bavarian custard munchkin. Just one lick. One lick and no more.

*munch munch munch*

I'll just peek into the box to check on the strawberry filling doughnut. You know, to make sure it's still there.
Who knows, a robber might sneaked into the house to grab a strawberry munchkin while I went out for dinner just now. I mean afterall, two police cars were downstairs my block. Car parked at my carpark summore. Sorry, no pictures. Got la, but I can't find the cable that connects the phone to the lappie. So no pictures lo.

Gimme discount lah. So late already. 

Luckily the yummy strawberry filled powder sugar coated doughnut is still there. Must keep it safe. I don't wanna start worrying about it anymore.

*think think think*

Oh, I placed it in Dizzie's bowl. HRH said that cats like sweet things worr. I'll tell you if she finishes it in the next post.

I better get some sleep because Dizzie wakes up at 6 or 7am to wake my mum up. And I don't want her(Dizzie) to find me still awake if not she'll disturb my sleep by meowing for breakfast.

Nitey... 4.17am.

BY THE WAY, you know on Saturday night, I purposely slept early, at 12am so that I'll be fresh the next day. Turned out I was sleepier than ever. 

Wvern said I'm the type who needs lesser sleep.

Note to self, never sleep before 12.01am.