Saturday, 16 May 2009

Watching the Sudirman Cup

punyer Malaysian's men's doubles playing against China. 

The Malaysians were winning the first few rallies of the game but then this China player made a hoohaa on how slow the shuttle was or something so the game stopped for a while and the deputy ref came to examine the shittle then they changed the whole tube of Yonex to another tube of Yonex. 

Towards the end of the forst game, KKK realized that this  lefty Chinese player couldn't do a good back hand. True la, the China lefty kept on missing t=it, that's how they lost the first match.

Ooh! Tan Boon Heong's racket snapped. 

Back to watching Malaysia win the second game. Whoohoo!!

Malaysia lost the 2n match. It's anyone's game now. 15 all.
Go watch how they won the 15th point in the 3rd game.

TBH's racket snapped again.



I'm sad. But I'm damn proud that TBH and KKK played so damn bloody well in this match.
Dudes, if you see this post, which I doubt you'll ever, I just wanna say this to you:
and I literally mean it-Good Game!!! =)

Malaysia should have gotten first. So that they can play against the Indonesians. 

Blahlahlah, long story. I drew a table on illustrator and jpeg-ed in photoshop, but nothing appeared on the blog. ishh. The table is for thse who don't understand how Sudirman Cup works. My dad explained it to me, so I explain to the rest of the badminton illiterates just like me


ONION said...

loha! sent me the table!

brian said...

hahah "shittles" instead of shuttles =p