Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Convo Went Like This:

Lala: go check out my blog. Blog name is Reflection.

Clo: *googlechromed 'reflection'* Takdepun. What is your blog address?

Lala: I can't remember. You go check lah. My email address is Password is **********

Clo: *stupidly went to her hotmail and logged in* *Because normally blogger will send you your blog info mah* Why I cannot log in wan?

-cut bloody long miscommunication story short-

Clo: Chiew. Go blogger is it? *and so I went and discovered that her new blog address is


of course, it should be in small letters, but I placed them all in capital to emphasize the

REMEMBER THE WWW in front of the Mary ahh. Go link her. She claimed that she will update everyday. Yahoo...


Christina said...

yay!! she has a blog. hey! how come i dont see her online?

chLoe said...

she is never online.
she lah, silly lah she.