Thursday, 11 June 2009

Something I never expected to happen

or maybe something I thought will happen
But I don't want it to now. I did. But I don't.
I'm glad that it did, though. But it could have happened earlier.

Mini reunion for Christina at Pyramid with Pik Wah and SiewChuen.

Mary came back today, at 5pm. Wasted.

She'll be leaving early tomorrow for Melaka. Wasted.

Sleepy. Need to sleep.
Counting down to the days of the event. Time is running out. *runs and pants*


Christina said...

arghhh.. i miss you guys already!

Pets For Keeps Campaign said...

me tooooooooo!!! sorry for the late reply =P

chloe said...

alamak. i used wrong i.d. paiseh.