Monday, 27 July 2009

I Blocked the Following People on MSN

1) Ammar (The Algerian guy I blogged about last time)
2) if u got the chance?? wat the next (cashchan89, sorry I tak kenal you.
3)kaled (Ammar's friend)
4) one of my ex-students
5) one of my ex-groupmate. Her nickname has something that has to to do with sex and dad uses my lappy at times and this girl keeps on dc and online and dc again, so I don't want my dad to think that I am involved in it or something, coz he's msn illiterate =.=
ok la, mainly it's because I got irritated by her name keeping popping up and down because she always gets dc.

Been appearing offline for the past days because I don't seem to have the mood to have any convos with anyone. Whoops, bocor.

So please, don't terasa thinking that I blocked you or something.

Lalala, childish post. I friend you, you friend me, I don't friend you, you also don't friend me. I get angry because you copy me. I friend, you also friend, I don't friend, you also don't friend. Don't friend, don't friend lah. I 'tiao my mar-der' you don't friend me.


Anonymous said...

u blocked me oso ah? T_T

u noe who m i ryte??

btw what is "I 'tiao my mar-der' you don't friend me."??

Andrew C. said...

LOL! hey hey... obviously you're sufferin from holiday nothing-to-do-ness. HAHAHA!

How long is this break? =D

ONION said...

u dont diow ur mather HAHAH! LMAO CLOWE! do even know what tat means, did i Not Read In Between those life Good enough HAHAHAH!

chLoe said...

'tiao my mar-der'
is a slang that kids use when they 'ragut' their friends by saying 'i tell my mother'.

and yesh, chong. I'm absolutely bored. waddaya up to in johor?

Andrew C. said...

Oohh... life here is wayy different. No more stuffs i used to enjoy - hot water bath. =S

most likely coming back in the sem break tho! whee!~

ONION said...

owh sounded like " T " u know the bad word. so if ppl were not reading in ur loghat.. HAHA it's kinda like .. u know ...

chLoe said...

anonymous, yeah i do.

chong, yeayyy!!! sept, isnt it?

onion, haha i knoowwww lol!!