Wednesday, 12 August 2009


with confetti!!!

After 2 days of writer's block, I've finally come up with a storyline for MY own radio drama, inspired by:


I was writing it in the car just now when I was alone while waiting for 7.30 to go up to church.

I write write write...
then I suddenly burst out laughing at my own joke I wrote.

Looked around to make sure no one saw me.

Looked left, no one in the next car.

Looked right...

WALAO, manatau there was this guy who worked at the stationery shop walking towards me. (obviously to go somewhere that requires him to pass by the car la) but I could have sworn that he saw me laugh out very loud to myself.

Summore it was the BURST out laughing and the whole head go backwards that type and not the snicker or smile smile.

Ish malu.

Which reminds me:
Jin who is stuck in NS asked me to update him on what's goin on in the world apart from Alonso leaving Liverpool and going to Real.

to which I replied:
"Really? Xabi is leaving for Real as well!!!"

Yeah, he nearly murdered me. All those EPL training from my Form 5 friends never really got through my skull.