Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dino Trek 2

is where we went today, the fourth day of training.

Was taught simple physics like velocity, jarak, masa, laju etc etc in both BM and English. Like wtf is Potential? Was told that it's Tenaga Keupayaan later when I asked. Ohh...

We were given an exhibit each under the Speed section of Petrosains. I got Cycloid.
It's to check see which ball reaches first if both are placed on a straight thingy and a curved thingy.

Next we had to present it. I was unfortunately paired with this girl who knows nuts about physics. Tambah with my ingenius science knowledge, we made the perfect pair for disaster.

Sorry if I sound obnoxious or anything but really, she doesn't know anything. After explaining panjang panjang, she went like "but blah blah blah" which to be precise, was trying to say that my answers are wrong and she herself doesn't have a frigging clue what she is talking about because she can't even find answers to support her answers. Damn.

*puff puff puff*
*cools down*

I have NEVER presented such horribily in my entire life. She can summore ask me to 'rilek'. It's ok for her. She isn't the one doing all the talking. Grr.

So I started to emo for the whole day. Thank goodness it was lunch after that. Walked to the ground floor for some retail therapy. Tried on some pants from PDI. Not nice. Went to Chamelon and got myself a nice silver glittery and shiny hairband instead. Felt much better and brighter. It indeed made my emoingface light up.

After lunch, which I didn't eat, we headed to Dino Trek2 later in the afternoon. Was given a mini pop quiz:

Came in a pink note bookk lookalike. The other thing on the left is the file they gave us on the first day. Contains notes and notes and notes that has to do with Petrosains punyer Internal and External Dept, Ice Breaking papers, dan lain lain. Click to enlarge if you wanna see the questions.
Whoops. You can't. It's too blur thanks to my canggih phone.



My fave dino, the brontosaurus.
It's got another name, Apatosaurus.. Brontoaurus was found in 1975 somewhere in the worls and aposaurus was found recently(I think) at some other part of the world. Then they found out that they are both the same.

One of the fun stuff at DinoTrek2. You stand behind a camera and see yourself on the tv screen with dancing dinos in the background. The camera captures images of you and you can send those pictures to your email.

The next activity after Dino Trek was to pair up with THE SAME PARTNER and choose a dino to present. I was so determined to redeem myself after the sucky presentation. Asked the partner to take down notes.
"Take down what notes?"
"Those on the info board in front of the dino"
"I don't know how to lah"


The dino on the left is the T-Rex and the Spinosaurus is on the right.

In Jurassic ParkIII, The Spinosaurus fought with the T-rex and won, but in actual fact, they have never met. T-Rex was found in North America or something wherelse the Spinosaurus was found in Mesir and Maghribi. T-Rex existed in the early Cretaceous Period wherelse the Spinosaurus only came in the end of the Cretaceous Period. So the Jurassic ParkIII directors bluff you all. =D

Back to the class aka Meter City, this is what I drew:

The cutest dino among the lot. This is not self acclaimed, kay? The class said so.
It's actually 4000kg and not 40kg =P
Click to enlarge.

The rest of the presentations.

Me and my Spinosaurus.

Loadsa fun =)))

Had tremendous loadsa fun. Been receiving mixed signals from who-ya-callit. But screw it lah.