Monday, 31 August 2009

I May Be Mad

but I...

but I...

Kay, I don't know why.

It's a public holiday today. No work. And guess where was I.

Guess you can't guess.

Was at none other but Petrosains.

It was supposed to be a goodbye trip with for Miss Mangala before she leaves for her CALLING by the UN to go to Myanmar to help out with the duno-wad-disaster victims for 5 months.
She didnt turn up. So it was WV, GG, Suc, Raj and I.

GG and I. Asked Wei Vern to mari but I don't know where she ran to.

This astronaut is in the air. Took a picture of myself and it was projected up in the astronaut's helmet.

This is what I've been trying to tell you guys!!!
It's a projection of beads/guli falling down.
But you can collect it with your shadow!!!
Got sound effect summore!!!

Then we walk walk walk, and walked past Meter City aka classroom.

Our mahjong paper are still there!!! =D

Stole this picture from Zalila's Facebook.
Clockwise from top: Azrin, Ameer,Hidayah, Mai, Zalila, Ezham and Clo.

See? Public Holiday also I go into Petrosains.