Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I'm Lazy to Edit The Previous Post

So I decided to start a new one instead =)

Raymond and Tavia will be starring in a new series: 谈情说案Shall We State The Case (SWSTC)
What a mouthful.

Yeay! After so many years of 'the FungYi draught' as fans call it.

Can't wait. Filming will end in October.
Possibilities of it being a 2010 series.

Still can't wait =)

Checked another site, the English name is apparently "Romance and Case Discussions"


Transferred Connection of Temptation
which will also finish filming in October.
Starring Steven Ma, Yoyo Mung, and Fala Chen. Woots for Steven and Fala.

AOD will soon be airing:

Will definitely buy this series. =)

RLF Commercial:

*squirms and twitches*

Let's give him somebenefit of the doubt.
At least he tries to pronounce properly. Horr?

Alicafe, anyone? Yumcha session? =DDD