Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Kaikai trip with Pei Yan

Had tea at:

That looks like this:

With a whole row of variety of tea:

and a pretty menu:

The teapot:

The teacup and biscotti:

The whole tea set that came with scones:

and the furniture:

PeiYan forgot to lift her pinky:

While I was looking at the mini boxes of tea on the top shelf.

Yup. Tea makes you smile =)))
wtf to my lame statement above.

Oh, I need to mention that a pot of tea(can be shared by two or more people), and a scone costs only RM9. Scones are baked on a small scale to maintain freshness. We waited for 15 mins for ours while watching them bake in the oven.

The Free Jelly:

Grossest thing ever eaten. pretended to like it because she was so nice.

And I MUST mention that the jelly tasted sweet, sour, smelly, and everything else under the sun. Found out from the lady that she made ENZYME jelly. wth?

Nearly asked her if it's from Cosway =.=

The jelly was free on top of our teapot of tea.We were also given a cup of another type of tea each.

Saw this table at Pavilion.

I. Want. This. Table. So. Damn. Freaking. Badly.

Click bth images to enlarge. The table is mare of plastic.
Looks like a table covered in tablecloth but it isnt. And the tablecloth lookalike's corners are the legs.

*stands in awe*

7 hours later

*standing in awe*

*still standing in awe*
while gawking.
*cleaner aunty mopping air liuh yang meleler, squeezing the derenched mop inthe bucket. amd mops again*

p/s: some pics are courtesy peiyan. for more info and pics, click http://curlypringles.blogspot.com/2009/08/day-out-avec-kak-clo.html


Andrew C. said...

The design of the table is so elegant! Anyway the english tea cafe is so girlish la.. xP

If it's a lil less "lacy" I'll swear i'll go there whenever i can!! =D

chLoe said...

hahaha!!! it IS a lil. but guess wad, i saw 3 big iranian guys discussing business over tea.

whn u return, we'll go la. u'll love it. and the tea is so fine.