Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Last Day

of Volunteer Training Program(V.O.P) was on Friday. I think the 'O' in VOP stands for Orientation.

We went round to the Technology Exhibits this time.
Lunch/Friday prayers at 12.30pm to 2.30pm. Had time to kill so I decided to go round Isetan to get myself some formal attire for the next three months.
Ended up with a knitted top and yoga pants that were on 50% discount. Now I really need to get a collared blouse.

Went back to Petrosains to mess around with the exhibits since I had time to kill.

One of the info-comps that has games in it. This is a wordsearch game.


This is how it looks like.

Azrin on the ski
And this is how you will look like. The more you look like you are constipating lower you bend, the faster you'll go.

Here is my favourite exhibit:

The Go-Cart ride.

I tell you, it's more shiok compared to any arcade. Azrin said it's better than Daytona. So I decided to give it a try. Indeed it is!!!

First, you go in the helicopter look-a-like. Then you choose your racetrack. Then you start.

The difference is that the whole thing vibrates, and when you ter-bang a wall, the whole heli will shake. and when you make a sharp turn at the sharp bends, the heli will turn as well. It is indeed a 3D experience. Gawd I can't describe it!!! It's soooo damn nice.

But visitors must pay RM2 for each ride. I won't tell you how much I paid or didn't pay. =P

At the space station pulak, there's this infrared thing.

that has a camera that shoots your picture on one screen and shows your body heat on the other.
The red parts shows the hottest part of my body. wtf.

My kebanggaan. Didnt get to keep anything. The HARIAN card has to be returned everyday while the Trainee Volunteer was to be returned by the end of the programme.

P/S: Just as I was about to end my game, it started again. And this time, in involves one more player. Let the games begin.


Stole this picture from Hidayah. Clockwise left to right: Rizzat, Syahmi, Man, Azrin, Fauzi,Azri, Ameer and Izzat. The missing 'kumbangs' are Suc and Ezham. The 'bungas' are Hidayah, Yun, Mai, Zalila and myself.

The whole list of names are for my own record. So that I won't forget erh, those times. heh.

I typed this at the time below, but I'm posting this at 12.30am on Sunday.

I withdraw from the game. =)