Friday, 7 August 2009

Listening to HK Radio Drama

Featuring Tavia and Ron.

Surprisingly, I understand the whole conversation. Hope this helps me brush up my canto. Speaking of which, HRH asked me to look for mandarin course before I go for my degree. Heard that there's one in USJ9. Izzit still there?

Haven't been sleeping early lately, despite the fact I have nothing to do. Dunno, I feel as if sleeping wastes time. Precious time is wasted sleeping rather that doing something fruitful. HRH told me I have been grumbling in my sleep. Freaky. I scared myself myself. haha.

I'll be going off to bed after listening to the last six episodes of the radio drama...where I just have...
*checks mediaplayer time*
...exactly 31 minutes left to the end of the last episode.

Toodles =)


nicole said...

pay me lah i teach u mandarin HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

chLoe said...

u ahh~?

ohyahor u kow mandarin horrr...