Sunday, 6 September 2009

It Takes One Year

for the twin towers window cleaner to clean the whole building.

After they reach the bottom, they will go right to the top to clean the windows again. That was what I was told.

The window cleaner from the office window. The window dude wears a safety helmet and harness summore. Daamn safe. And he doesn't clean like how you see people normally use a cloth to wipe wipe.
He wipes, then rinses the cloth, and wipes the same spot again and again and again. Plus, he seems to be using alot of strength to scrub it. Damn semangated weih. Salute.

Went to Kota Kemuning for one of Miss Mangala's farewell.

Not many pictures because my phone is damn canggih. You MIGHT see a few ugly pictures of me on FB because I was sitting beside miss and her candid shots were taken well, candidly.

This is GG pole dancing. Yeah there are alotta poles at the padang.
WV did ballet stint. While GG posed for this shot. Suc attempted pole as well. O.O
Let's just say you're lucky you didn't see it.

Hakim, Suc, Raj, WV.

GG was so nice to lend us her car. WV drove Suc and I home.

Work has been taking a toll on me. Not that I have been doing much, but it's the waking up at 6, reaching KL at 7.30 every morning, going straight to the tuition centre after work and reaching home at 11am is really taxing. Not complaining.
My point is that I'll stop my post here and ffk you people for bed. Nitey.

Unprivatized blogs aren't so private anymore, are they?

I bet you wanna see what secret message I have under this post, eh? This is it. Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Gawsh, I know you hate me. Watodo? I love you mah. Hahaha!!!