Sunday, 6 September 2009


Jin, Pam, KC, welcome back dinner hor, tomorrow? Chong ahh... when are you returning? Miss you loads lah... We'll be L4D-ing after dinner. Can't wait! =D

Haha. Mary will be coming back on the 8th and going for another posting at Melaka in less than a week.

Had lunch at Penang Village with aunts this afternoon. Food's good. Portion's lesser than Little Penang, but tasty nonetheless.

Place looks like this"

One of the makan rooms for discussions.

The motives on the table.

The window that looks like the airport. Our chairs were comfy cozy clean white sofas.

The sinki. Haha. so damn clean so I decided to snap a pic of it.

Ok, I damn anti camwhoring kay. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mirror. =P