Sunday, 18 October 2009


reading alot lately.
Let's just hope I can pick up my reading marathon where I last left it 8 years ago.

Discovered something(through reading, WAO)I found that answers my questions about being, well, older.
When I was much younger, I always thought that when I reach 13, I'll automatically know how to act like a teenager. Then when I reached 13, I was still myself. I still played pranks(Wong, if you are readin this, you might remember the whole throwing pieces of paper coated with PVA glue at Lala and I while we took revenge on Aaron during moral class. Not to mention creating the stapler-bullets-turned-into-sharp-pokey-thingies for Aaron to sit on).

When I left school, I thought NS would turn me into a more responsible 18 year old. I did definitely learnt loads there. Too lazy to specify. Maybe it's because I don't want to reminisce the good times I had there and start getting all emo and start listening to NS songs on my NS playlist.

I'm 20 now. Still as playful as ever. Younger cuzzies STILL(I think) think that I'm younger than Christine, who is 18. And Sophia, who is 2 weeks younger than me.

Got up to get a drink. Forgot where I left off. Heh. Bottomline is,
"The whole grown up thing is a myth. Whatever is wrong with you now will probably be wrong with you in the next twenty years"-Isabel Spellman.

I can't afford that. I need to friggin' grow up. And fast.