Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Shredded Paper

fascinates me. Really. Discovered a paper shredder in one of the downstairs office and decided to shred recycling paper.

Gawd, I was ecstatic when the staff allowed me to play with it use it.

Raya gathering for Petrosains staff today.

The people. Assembled at the exhibit area.

The food.

Y'know, I have never been through Monday Blues since primary school. Until today. Maybe it's because the center is closed on Mondays, and I had no friends to mess around with during lunch.
Was pretty quiet today. Guess many can attest to it. If they noticed la. I think I blame it on reading.

1) I was up till 3 to finish up a book. Applause.
2) Reading makes my mind settle down and reflect on things.
Dayum! I don't wanna reflect on things! I wanna be the "kecoh" Clo again!

How I became kecoh:
Clo: I wanna go home, but I'm damn lazy to naik lrt. So many people. No one will pick me up blah blah blah...
Colleague: Adk your bro or sis to pick you up lah.
Clo: I don't have any.
Colleague: OHH~!! Nowonder you so kecoh.


And don't get me started on how I was interrogated interviewed on how does it feel like to be an only child because I all I can say is that I feel absolutely normal. Unless you think of me as abnormal, by all means because I don't know how to act like a 'normal' person who has siblings.

Is being called kecoh a compliment?