Friday, 18 December 2009


my 5th bag in 2 months today.
Feeling really happy. I'm bloody easy to please.

KLCC-ed with mum. Cuzzies were too tired from watching last night's marching upclose @ Cheras Stadium. Will be going on Saturday to watch the finals. WOOTS!!!

Bought 2 books from Kinokuniya. Mum got two for herself as well. One of mine has to do with reading body language. Yes, I read people. I unconsciously attempt to read what people are thinking by observing them. Some habit I picked up many years ago, but was oblivious that I was doing so until recently.

Got a magazine for RM66.70. Nope, decimal point is at the correct spot.
Let me justify this:
You see, it's a Marc Jacobs magazine. AND IT COMES WITH A BLOODY MbyMJ BAG!!! HOW BLOODY CHEAP IS THAT!?!?
My mum can get tax exemption because it's a magazine. A reading material.
the govt is paying for my bag!

This is how the mag looks like. The bag comes with the mag, in the box, attached to the mag.

Random: Ahh...books... Never touched them during SPM days.

Here's a pic of Dizzie sitting on one of my mum's new book:

She does that(sit on something) every time she assumes I need to use that item. Most of the time, her predictions are correct and I get annoyed by pushing her off the table just to get to the item under her tummy. Cheeky Dizz.

Here she is, watching Shaun The Sheep on Disney Channel
She wasn't around when The Suite Life On Deck was on at 11.30pm and Hannah Montanna at 12am. She only sat there when ShaunTheSheep was aired at 12.30am.

By the way, I think I forgot to mention that the MbyMJ bag-mag I in Japanese. I can't speak Japanese. Let alone read.
Heck, who cares, good night and


Zharif said...

so you spent nearly RM 70 for a bag, cause the book is useless...might i suggest spending some more money for a japanese-english phrasebook.

chLoe said...

haha, i'm not into japanese. at all.