Monday, 14 December 2009

Remember The Time When I Was Sick?

Yeah, that time.
That time when I yearned for noodles, Ramly burger and whatnot.
Yes, my cravings have been very well satisfied, thank you for asking.

Maybe too satisfied.

I lost weight.
Lala said I lost my boobs one of my assets when I saw her LAST SATURDAY.

oopz, i forgot to draw my 'assets'.

It takes me to feel effing sick to lose weight and one effing week to put them all back on.

Happy belated birthday, Weihua
Happy birthday, SiewChuen
Happy early birthday, Zharif


JELA said...

i put on weight when i ok.
i put on more weight when im ill.
coz i think to myself "ehh...ill must eat more so that body can have strength to fight the illness" hahahahahahaha

Zharif said...

hahahahaha, thanks for the wish chloe.

chLoe said...

jela, hahhahaha!!! but so sick wor, where to find the appetite?

zharif, you're welcome!