Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Yeay! Xmas Card!

Yup, it's here!

It's raining now. The once nonchalant, tidak apa, independent Miao is suddenly terrified of the rain. Look how she squeezed herself in the small space between my leg and pillow.

At first I thought she was being manja until I took this picture and saw that she IS really scared. AND she was shivering. So pelik.


Andrew C. said...

I didn't get to see Dizzie!! T.T Oh, is that a card from England? I saw the queen. =D

chLoe said...

i knoww... please please please tell me u'll be back soon, and not only for cny.

and yeah, God save the queen!

Andrew.C said...

The closest is CNY T.T

Oh wait wait.. when I'm back on April.. I'll be back for 2 months! =D

chLoe said...

bummer. but YEAY FOR APRIL!!!!!