Monday, 18 January 2010

Chasing Pavements

Definition: A fruitless activity. Trying to achieve something that is destined to failure, usually as a result of blind hope. (Source: Urban Dictionary)

Fitness First's RPM45 was released last week. In my humble opinion, I thought it's the worst buncha tracks they've chosen.
Number one, there's no beat to it, so you tend to cycle according to your own pace until you realize that you're too slow, or until the instructor asks you to turn it up.
Number two, the genre's a lil countryrock/pop.

After a few classes of RPM45, I guess I'm getting used to the tempo and workout seems more fruitful. As you get used to the songs, your legs will somehow move to it. Yup, I'm beginning to like RPM45 already.

It's either my hearing is failing me, or the speakers are failing my ears, because I can't seem to catch the name of any of the songs except for the last track. It's the title of this post. Thought it's wonderful and decided to youtube it.

And damn, the video is amazing.
Zharif said it's unique. That too.