Tuesday, 26 January 2010

So Many Things

are running through my head RIGHT NOW and i'm typing as fast as i can to get it all out.

1) Facebook connects. and connects. and connects.
which made me ponder. for a pretty long time before i decided to pen this down, to the public.
i came across a few people whom i rejected over my high school years. some have ignored me completely while others are still my friends. dont know what are in their minds, but i'm ever so grateful for their friendship. goodness knows what's in my mind or rather what was i thinking that time. sometimes i regret for being so mean. ever wondered if you could have the answers to 'what ifs'? like if i took this road, then what will happen, and what happens if i take the other road. will it lead to what i am today? or will it lead to a whole new chloe? if i wasnt such a chicken and confessed to at least two out of the handful i liked, would it make a difference? would we still be friends or would they be one of those whom we have a few hundred friends in common but we arent even friends on facebook. what happens if i accepted at least two of those i rejected. would i still be hopping onto his blog to see if he updates? or would i be reading his fb profile from afar? what if i bothered to keep one of the few relationships i had going. would i still feel awkward when i see his name and picture on the 'friends in common' list?

2) Set alarm at 6am for gym.

3) RHB suddenly sent me an account statement saying "You Can Only Afford An Ugly Online Store Ciplak Bag" to "You Can Now Afford The Kipling/Lesportsac Bag You've Always Wanted". Wow, where did the extra moolah come from?

4) Think of a good idea for tomorrow's final project meeting so that the whole group won't argue over something so petty.

5) Remember to buy disc4 for A Watchdog's Tale, the whole set of the Korean My Fair Lady and order TVB's warehouse drama-Cupid Stupid starring Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung.

6) Pack my bag for gym tomorrow. What to wear?

7) Google the ending of The Gem Of Life. Yup. I love spoilers.

8) Note to self- CNY cookies may be tasty, but they're ALL butter AND oil!

9) Try to remember the male starring's real name instead of the on-screen name- Lee Shin of Goong/Princess Hours without going to google.com.

10) No more. Okay, thanks for reading if you did read. sorry for not making the colours or fonts clearer. it's just something i wanted to let out. nothing important.