Saturday, 23 January 2010


Lagi unfortunate thing is, I may be one =|

haha, say until like damn proud summore.



NicholasIceGhost said... cute..the right one of coz

Zharif said...

i know a few and NO its not you.

Andrew C. said...

you're not one la lol! but the photo is damn funny! hahaha~

p/s: wah, your bloggie readers are getting wayy up! :D

chLoe said...

Ice, I like the other one's reaction. it looks exactly likr =.=

Zharif, wow! Thanks! =D

Chong, Lol, *flattered*
my bloggie readers went up? wao. I better prepare my speech:
"I would like to thank my friends who reads my blog, coz without them, i wouldnt even bother to blog..."