Sunday, 28 February 2010

As You Know,

my addiction to cycling has grown to the extent that my family even suggested to go for a cycling trip at Putrajaya.

Something so rare. So unusual from the normal kaikai trips they normally organize.

Here's most of them. Christine didn't join us.

And so, at the beginning of the journey, I drank Milo because Milo rhymes with Hilo and that's the part of Hawaii Ryan Higa came from. to get energy.
And the fact that I drank it from a Revive cup, it should give me more energy.

We reached Taman Botani only to find out that there was only 5 bicycles left for rental from their miniature collection of 20 bikes. And there were 11 of us. And neither anyone of us wanted to sacrifice our day to become bench warmers. And my younger cuzzies would definitely be given the priority. I. Was.Nearly.Shocked.To.Tears.

Then the Taman Botani girl asked us to go to Taman Wetlands instead. And TADAA~ there were SO MANY BIKES!

And so the 2 hour journey began.
Leah and Abel

Tiff knocked down a dustbin. Hahaa.

Tiff being a princess, wiping her sweat.

The best part of cycling outdoors is the part where you sweat like a pig. Charmak took a picture of my uh, sweat, but I'm too shy to show you. Just kidding! But seriously.

But here's a picture of Charmak imitating Tiff wiping sweat instead:

After an hour plus of cycling uphill and down hill, but mostly uphill, we settled down at a pavilion for a picnic. And watched flamingos.Oh wow.

And the whole family was so excited to see flamingos. Naturally, I have to admit, I'm not a nature lover. I despise moths, spiders, worms, or anything that has green guts staining whatever greenguttedinsectthingy you squish. Other animals or insects that do not have green stuff for guts are okay. Not all. But some.

Aunt: TAKE A PICTURE of the flamingos!
Me: For what?

Not that the flamingos have green guts. It's just like, why would I wanna flood my camera album with flamingos when I'm saving memory for other green gutted animal?
Just saying.
Flamingos DO NOT have green guts.

Aaanyways, here's the food:
Cake, cheetarts and frozen mandarin. No one bothered to wake up at 3am to cook nasilemak or make sandwiches or scones or make tea savour at the picnic. So there. Desserts is all we had. I made those cheese tarts! Actually I just mixed them. Didnt need an oven. WV texted me the receipe.

And finally here is a picture of the three out of the 5 cuzzies who went. Camwhore 'tul.
Leah, Charmak, Tiffany

P/S: EVER SINCE Pam introduced me to Kevjumba, I've been glued to youtube watching him, nigahiga, happyslip and random youtube vids. And more of nigahiga. And a lil bit more of him. And then nigahiga again.

Honestly, I need a life.