Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Currently Watching:

A Watchdog's Tale

I find this series absolutely hilarious.
Steven Ma is indeed an awesome actor. His character in this series is a kampung Ah Beng with kampung manners, into porn, rough and unrefined person. Despite all the qualities he has that none of the Disney Princes has, he is a nice guy in his own way helps his friends sekampung when they are in need.
But really lo, he's so apek. But his expressions are priceless =)

Linda Chung is a tomboy in this series which she portrays pretty well, judging by the fact that I hated her in Always Ready starring alongside Ekin Cheng.
From acting a the oh-so-sweet-i-do-nothing-wrong-everyone-loves-me YuSoTsau in Moonlight Resonance to The Gem of Life's Asian Paris Hilton, Elise, Linda indeed came out of her 'comfort zone'.

7 more episodes to go. I wanna buy Cupid Stupid. Starring both of my favourite actors-Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung. It has a very simple storyline. Cliche abit.

On another note:
Remember I told you fb connects?
Another schoolmate of my age whom I know has a daughter. Which brings the baby count(in my head) of smkusj8 to TWO.

Those who get pregnant after pre-marital sex will normally have baby girls.
Statistics[according to my own calculations based on people I know (of)]:
7 out of 8 of them are girls.
Serious. No kid.