Monday, 15 February 2010

Same Difference

Jela and Daniel gave us cupcakes Daniel baked. They were awesome. Chocolatey, moist and not dry and crumbly. Mmm...

It came in a plastic bag with a HUGE heartshaped note right in front that looks like this:

It says: Dear Chloe, HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY ♥♥♥! Lots of , Daniel & Angela.

Had to quickly take this picture (was in the car) because the cupcakes were begging to be eaten.


Then later that evening I went to my gramma's house(across the road) for dinner, again. It's just like any other dinner, only with more variety of food. I won't call it a reunion, since I see my gramma, aunts and cousins, like, EVERYDAY.

You can call us dysfunctional. Abit. Normally after a CNY dinner, the adults will play gambling cards and drink and eat kacang all night, right? Then they will make loads of noise while the kids/teens/21 year olds(hehee) watch tv and die of boredom.

As for my family, the adults were watching tv and sleeping in the living room. Pictures won't be shown to protect their face privacy.
And as for us, the 3rd generation pulak played MONOPOLY'D new CARD GAME, DEAL. At the same time eatin PISTACHIOS and drinking MOCKTAILS.

I apologize for my poor photography skills.

Yeah, I was wearing black, And my cousin swept the pistachio shells from the floor.

As for angpows, we don't get any. If you know us(cuzzies and I), you'll often hear us boasting informing you what our aunts gets us throughout the whole year so a red packet of moolah from them on another day makes not much of a difference to us.

Yeay! Gym tomorrow!


JELA said...
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JELA said...

k the previous comment was by me but i thought i wanted to add more so i deleted that. anywaysss

the flowers on the note matches your blog deco!!
and the cny scene (older watchin tv younger play cards) is so funny lol!!

chLoe said...

Ohyahor, it matches! hehee =))