Monday, 22 February 2010

Pam Came Out From

goodness knows where and decided to share Kevin with me. Thanks, Pam!

This guy's so funny!
Kay, maybe not THAT funny like Russell Peters, but he's cute. Cute guys get away with anything. Pretty girls get away with anything as well. Face it, the world's a bitter place.

Here's one of Kevin's many videos. I find this hilarious. Like, he made a whole 2 minute video on his zit on the elbow!

Here's the convo Pam and I had. It all started when she gave me the link to one of his vids. Unnecessary LOL-s, HAHAs and girly giggles are removed. Names of certain people mentioned throughout the convo are removed to protect our own privacy, as well as the face of those we spoke of to avoid any perasanness of any perasan human being. However, Tracy's name shall remain. =DDD

kev is funnylycute
he'sss supaaaaa dupa cute
why do guys who went or stay or from overseas are more cuter/handsome/etc wan ar?
and my other cousins
bahlike wth lo
maybe is the air they breath
got influence the genetic face structure watsoever
tracy also
become prettier

my cuzzie went aussie to study and came back, POW damn effing gdllooking
i was like stuttering when talking to him
ya tracy become like super slim etc chick
hey lets go outstation and came back , POW

u can wad
u going to france

2 weeks je la
=(u pretend it's for forever lo
then go there suck in all the air

ok i keep the air in containers
bring u some k
pat some on ur facial cotton
and swap over ur face everymorning and nightplease and tq!
i give u a 1.5l bottle
bring back their water as well
their soil and all
rub over ur face
natural scrubthis convo will so go on my blog

p/s ice, u so must watch this:

you guys might wanna click on this guy as well. he's awesome!


NicholasIceGhost said...

cant click on link..
cant click on link..