Wednesday, 24 March 2010


First of all, I wanna thank each and every one of you for wishing me on the first day of adulthood.

So to show my appreciation, I shall personally type your names here to thank you.

Thank you
Jay, Juanna, Jensen, Marcus, Aunty Dorothy, Jenny, Nazri, Yosh, Sherrinder, Vivien, Yean Fang, Wei Vern, Aisyah, Ice, Christine, David, Aaron, Esther, Miss Mangala, Mosha, Raj, Billy, Hafeez, Minsi, Wormie, Fatin, Jessica Samson, Nana, Christina Tan, Kelvin, Lukhman, Jared, Tien Hoe, Jialin, Keith, Kungseng, Yannling, Chong, Shuleen, Adrian, Kak Roz, Tham, Azizul, Natalie, Germaine, Siewli, Kiensing, Julian, Phoebe, Benjamin, ChweeTheng, Michelle, Rasyid, David, Sharin, Sarah, Jason, Jaymond, Jesudas, Wanyi, Ines, Jessica MD, Timothy, Jasmine, Jasvin, Ting, Cheeyan, Joshua, Joshin, Ann, Sophia, Ashraff, Meiyee, Veni, Michelle, Pekkee, and Timothy.
for the wishes on facebook.

Thank you
SophiaHo, PikWah, AndrewKoh, GG, CheaNyee, Priscilla, Nikolas, Vanessa, Nicole, Kevin, TiffanyHo, Charmak, Leah, Magdalene, Pamela, SiewChuen, Ikhram, Andrew Hiew, KC and Jin
for those face to face, phone calls, texts and tweets.

Thank you
Jela and Daniel for the beautifully handwritten card and those lovely cuppycakes.
WV, GG, Ice etc for the pretty pink hp pouches.

Thank you
mum, dad, cuzzies, aunts.

I apologize if no such name above exists, I tried to remember and type your REAL name instead of those fake nickname you got on FB. This post is a thank you post. A real one will be up soon. I hope.