Saturday, 17 April 2010

Granduncle Went Byebye

this afternoon.

It kinda saddens me that the 8th granduncle whom I respected the most lost the battle to cancer.
He and his family were like'there' supporting my gramma mentally and financially.
And now he's gone.
Condolences to his family. It must be a trying time for them.

I know it's weird to be upset over a distant family's passing, but the thing is, I grew up with my gramma's sisters and their husbands when I was in Penang. They never cease to pamper me despite being the 'grandDAUGHTER', especially when they still have the conservative way of thinking.


NicholasIceGhost said...

i'm sorry for your lost..he was a good man, we yum cha b4 :P