Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Hak-Kuai

was standing at the counter at Speedmart99, Puchong when my cuzzie, Leah and I went in.

We headed directly for the:

potato chips section

and we minded our own business and chatted like how normal chatters chat.

then I saw him pretending to look for stuff padahal he was walking at the end of every aisle to search for Leah and I. I'm so positive because I can read certain body languages, and I had a strong feeling he was out to get us.

Trying not to scare my cousin, I did not warn her, which I should have.

Suddenly, while explaining some big plans I had for my cousin's NIE project, I heard a strong accent which somewhat sounded like an 'excuse me'.

Shocked, I didn't know whether to be polite and smile and walk away, or be extremely rude and completely ignore that person. I chose neither.

I spoke to my cousin in Hokkien, saying "pretend we don't speak and understand English". Luckily the banana of a cousin understood that simple sentence. Then we calmly walked the opposite direction with shaking legs.

It was either we make a dash and run back to the art studio, or to call my aunt. I did the latter.
My aunt stomped her way to Speedmart with my other cousin and the art studio's kakak and the 3 of them barged into the store.

Hands on her hips she scanned through every single aisle to look for that person.

I quickly grabbed my chips and as I paid my aunt turned her back against me. She apparently saw the black guy peeping at the whole group of us.

One thing I learnt from this experience:
I'm not being a stereotype, but a lot of African people like fat girls. I got the hint. Thanks.


NicholasIceGhost said...

wot..u no fat..he shud hv taken my owner..i wud hv paid him to take her..far far away from me..

wow..ur word verification for me is...caution

brian said...

When I was growing up, basically the only black men on television were criminals or Flip Wilson dressed in drag as a character called Geraldine. But you rarely had black professionals portrayed in the culture.

chLoe said...

haha, ice!!!

brian, huh?